Should I Care About Trees Being Close to My Home?

Having heavily wood property where your home is or any outdoor structure, is a dream for many. Keeping the natural beauty and integrity of the property is a value within itself.


But is it safe?


Should you care?


Absolutely you should.  Ensuring the structure of the home or outbuildings, it is best to have large limbs, especially dead ones, to be removed.  Dead limbs, even though are dead, can cause a large amount of damage to your home externally and internally. Tree damage is something that needs to be taken seriously.


Large trees butted up to the home can also create significant damage to the structure of the home as well. Having those trees removed & getting the stumps grinded will prevent unnecessary damage.


Heavy winter storms in Northern Michigan creates heavy weight on limbs and overhanging branches. Large trees that may be deteriorating or dead can become a danger and fall on the home, outbuildings, or vehicles.


Safety is another key factor in caring about trees being too close to your home or outbuildings. This can be avoided by having your property assessed for any potential damage that can arise in the future. Tree damage cam come in all sizes.


Dunscombe & Sons Tree Service offers free estimates of your property.  Our professional tree service crew can provide the best of services and education to you as a property owner.

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