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Welcome to our Tree Service Blog! Offering education, information & many other tip and tricks that can help you and your property. We always take the next step to inform our customers of the dangers of not trimming trees, damage assessments, etc. Do you have a topic? Contact us so we can write about it.

Tree, Snow & Weight. Why You Should Care and Prepare!

By dunscombetreeservice2021 | Nov 28, 2021
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Nature Cut? What Is It & How Does It Benefit My Property?

By dunscombetreeservice2021 | Nov 19, 2021

Are you at the point in need of to clear out your property but not wanting to take all the trees down? When you have your entire property cleared, it surely looks a bit sad and changes the view of the entire surrounding area. What other options are there to prevent such a vast change? […]

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What happens to Tree Roots when a Tree Is Cut Down? Did you know?

By dunscombetreeservice2021 | Nov 12, 2021

Are you planning to have your trees cut down on your property or surrounding your home? Have you already cut down trees and left the base of it exposed? If you answer yes to any one of the questions above, what happens to the roots of the tree? Is Tree Root Removal Necessary?   Do […]

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Fall Clean-Ups! Are they worth it?

By dunscombetreeservice2021 | Nov 5, 2021

Living in Michigan and going through the 4 seasons, we expect to encounter the words “Fall Clean-Ups”. It is something we just have adapted to year in and year out.   When your home is on a heavily wooded property, you are going to experience a heavy impact of leaves coming down. Raking, blowing, shoveling […]

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Should I Care About Trees Being Close to My Home?

By dunscombetreeservice2021 | Nov 2, 2021

Having heavily wood property where your home is or any outdoor structure, is a dream for many. Keeping the natural beauty and integrity of the property is a value within itself.   But is it safe?   Should you care?   Absolutely you should.  Ensuring the structure of the home or outbuildings, it is best […]

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Will Tree Cutting Ever Die?

By dunscombetreeservice2021 | Oct 22, 2021

People today know that they need to have a Tree Cutting service. The days of cutting trees by yourself are just about over.  It is a lot of work, dedication & equipment is needed. People are now starting to look online to check out Tree Cutting & Removal services in their area to pursue this […]

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Why Lot Clearing Can Be A Great Choice For Your Property!

By dunscombetreeservice2021 | Oct 18, 2021

Are you planning your dream home? Looking to expand the backyard or put a twist of manipulation on your property? Looking into property lot clearing & land manipulation is the way to go.   Where do you start? Who do you call or seek advise for this large project?   Dunscombe & Sons Tree Service […]

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The No. 1 Question Everyone in the Tree Service Industry Should Know How to Answer!

By dunscombetreeservice2021 | Oct 9, 2021

Are you wondering what a Buckley, MI Tree Service is asked? As a portion of us know and are aware of, we get asked a lot of questions, in the Tree Service Industry.  Why do we do it? Where do we start? Why is it necessary? It comes down to several factors ranging from the […]

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9 Signs You Need Help with Tree Cutting

By dunscombetreeservice2021 | Oct 2, 2021

Are you at the point of asking yourself if you are in need of professional tree cutting/removal services? If you are having to ask yourself that question, you most likely are in the position of needing one.   What we did is provided 9 signs that will determine that you need help with tree cutting […]

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Ever wonder about tree safety, lot clearing, spring cleanups, and stump grinding works? Or simply the expectations vs. reality with tree removal service? No one talks about these at all. This is another reason why we designed this blog to go more in-depth about how we can take advantage of the information and provide it to you. It's no fun having to dig online for information and getting different conflicting answers. As the experts in Tree Removal Services, Dunscombe & Sons, we are confident in offering this information to you through our blog.

We believe in hard work, dedication & customer satisfaction when it comes to offering our tree & property services. This is why we created our Tree Service Blog. At Dunscombe & Sons Tree Service we understand how important repeat customers & word of mouth are. Our services extend further than tree removal service and include stump grinding, lot manipulation, spring & fall cleanups, tree trimming, residential & commercial property lot clearing. We cover a large portion of Northern Michigan in all areas including Traverse City, Cadillac, Leelanau, Kalkaska, Mesick, Frankfort, Manistee, Interlochen, Buckley, Williamsburg, Manton, Northport & surrounding areas.

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