Preparing for Power Outages & Why Be Careful of Downed Trees

With the strange season of high winds, heavy snow & rain, damage to powerlines from downed trees can create a large damper to your household. Power outages are unexpected and can happen at any time from a downed tree caused by damage from high winds and heavy snow fall. Locate your Emergency Tree Service company to have readily available just in case something happens.


What should you have prepared prior to a power outage caused by a storm?


  • Water: Having a resource of water stored can be a benefit for your toilets or for drinking water. It’s best to rotate them out and put in fresh water so it isn’t sitting too long.  Keeping them in a cooled room or your garage.  Using old milk jugs can be a benefit as well. Grabbing up a case of water each time you go to the grocery store can help with stocking up.
  • Candles: These are cheap and resourceful to have in your pantry. Not the small ones, however the larger ones which can last for hours when in need of them.
  • Batteries: Grabbing up even off brands can be a beneficial to your pocketbook. AAA’s, AA’s and others that your equipment may need.  Always keep an eye out for specials & discounted pricing to keep those in stock.
  • Flashlights: You can find these for a decent price at Harbor Freight. Grab a bundle of them to have placed in the garage, drawer, storage cabinet and other areas that are easily accessible to you and your family. Check them once a month to ensure the batters are holding up and charged properly.
  • Generator: These can be decently priced all the way up to thousands of dollars. Having a standard one to at least power your furnace, refrigerator or standard items are huge. Many hunters store their meat in the freezer which can be a huge loss if no backup is provided.
  • Gasoline: Having just a small 5-gallon gasoline can be a life saver. Always have it available and stored safely.


With downed trees on a powerline, DO NOT TOUCH or APPROACH the downed line.  Having an Emergency Tree Service available can be a huge benefit. Move away quickly and safely.  Call 9-1-1 if in need of an emergency or your local power company to report the downline tree or powerline.


Having just the essentials listed above can be beneficial and lifesaving to you and your family. If you need damaged trees removed off your buildings or to prevent from damage, contact Dunscombe and Sons Tree Service.

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