Why Stump Grinding is Beneficial to Your Property

Tree removal can come in many sizes depending on the overall job at hand. Clearing out your lot, cleaning up your property or simply removing dead trees that can cause danger to your outbuildings. But why should you have stump grinding service done to those trees?


There are many factors that fall into play with tree cutting.  If you cut at the base, you are still giving the tree roots a regrowth opportunity, or new growth of the tree.  This can cause a look of strange overgrowth that causes a poor look to your home or property. Properly removing the stumps can benefit your property in the long run to prevent from new growth.


Implementing stump grinding opens the opportunity to clear up the property and surrounding buildings for a fresh look. Creating an increase in value to your home or property and utilizing the saw dust for other projects.  Pathways, bedding for outdoor animals or donate to others that may need wood chips.


If you are clearing your lot out by a tree removal service, having them do stump grinding can help make the clean up process much easier and less damage to the equipment when clearing.  We have all seen it when tree removal services come through, cut all the trees down only to have that terrible look of torn up grown and tree stumps all over the place.  Having the stump grinding service added to those services can make things so much nicer and help create your property value to increase.


If you need tree removal service, stump grinding or in need of a full assessment of your property for these services, contact Dunscombe and Sons Tree Service to assist. We offer a large range of services from Spring & Fall Cleanups, full lot clearing, stump grinding, tree removal and much more.  We are just a call away.

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