Tree, Snow & Weight. Why You Should Care and Prepare!

Tis the season of snow! Yes, the white stuff that decides to fall on us every single year, weather we like it or not. It’s beautiful, fluffy and makes everything so right but you may not realize it, it can be dangerous and aggravating. Is there a reason to start looking at winter tree care?


When there is snow, there is weight. Depending on the moisture, pressure, weather within itself; snowfall and many other factors that come in play creates weight. This can be easily attributed to the amount that comes down on your house, trees, vehicles etc. Here are some indicators that can help you when preparing for winter tree care.


  • Overhanding trees above your house: Having a heavily wooded property where you home is located is beautiful but are they towering over your home? Having large limbs over your home and adding the weight of the snow can create damage when those limbs snap and come down. From this it can cause damage to your roof, puncture shingles and much more. This can lead to interior damage as well.
  • Trees close to your house: With heavy snowfall, having trees close to your home can create a lot of damage that you may not realize. Having branches snap or break from the weight can easily puncture the siding of your home, damage windows or injure you and family members. Exterior items such as porches, steps, bushes, or your vehicle can receive heavy damage from this.


How can you prevent this from happening? Assessing your trees on your property can be established easily in the offseason of winter. Before the snow starts flying, it is best to have a professional come to your property for proper education. Having an experienced expert can determine which trees are high risk and what should be done to prevent from exterior damage to your home and surrounding properties you have. Dunscombe & Sons Tree Service offers year-round assessments and can assist you.


Emergency services are available 24/7! If a tree creates or causes damage to your home, contact us right away at (231) 620-0764 or click here to contact us.

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