Why We Love Tree Cutting (And You Should, Too!)

We get asked this more than you may realize. Why do we love tree cutting? It is in our blood and a passion we hold true to ourselves & most importantly our customers. As a family-owned & operated business, we take pride in our work of offering tree services.


Word of mouth & referrals helps keep our business growing daily. As the owner, I enjoy picking up my saw and cutting trees daily. There isn’t no stopping me or my team from showing our skills and safety when it comes to tree cutting services.


The smell of fresh-cut trees, clean properties & avoiding risks of damaging trees is where we stand true to our word. Leave the work to us. Our team and I enjoy being in the woods, climbing the trees & clearing the lots. We are a tree removal service near you & can provide the best of the best tree service needs.


Our services just don’t stop with cutting trees, we offer a large range of services from stump grinding, tree trimming, lot clearing, fall & spring cleanups, and more. Check our services page out.


Emergency services are also available 24/7. We are just a phone call away & our team at Dunscombe & Sons Tree Service will be dispatched to your location.


We are not a typical 9-5 operation & understand the importance of ensuring that the job is done and done right. Once the properties and/or the job is fully assessed we will be able to provide a more accurate time frame for the startup & completion of the job.


If you are looking for a Tree Removal Service company near you, we can help. Contact us here or simply call (231) 620-0764


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