The Next Big Thing in Lot Clearing

As property values rising & building homes are not slowing down, our lot clearing service can help make that dream come true.


Regardless of if you are building a new home, looking to expand your backyard, or looking to simply clear out the overgrown trees and bushes.


When making that decision to have your lot cleared or manipulate the land, there is a lot at stake. You are placing your property & valued asset in the hands of a company to clear out. It may sound easy to an everyday Joe, but when it comes to your property it is a different story. As a family-owned & operated tree removal service and lot clearing, we know the value of property to an owner.


With our free estimates, you won’t be getting surprised with costs with lot clearing. At Dunscombe & Sons Tree Service, we will assess the property to ensure a proper estimate/quote is offered. Costs come down to the amount of time it will take on the project as well.


There are other processes involved with lot clearing as well but in a basic nutshell, if you are thinking about clearing your lot here are a few things you want to ask yourself:


• Does this company offer free estimates?
• Does this company give me educational information about lot clearing?
• Is this company licensed & insured?
• Does this company keep in contact with me during the process of lot clearing?
• Does this company offer other services?
• Does this company put safety first?
• Does this customer have references?
• Does this company have the property equipment to start & complete this job at hand?


If you are looking for a Tree Removal Service company near you, we can help. Contact us here or simply call (231) 620-0764

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