Why Wood Chips Are Beneficial to Your Property!

What can you do with wood chips and why should you care? There are many great benefits to utilizing woodchips from a woodchipper! When getting trees removed or stumps grounded out on your property, here are the reasons why.


  1. Wood Chips Mulch has a large amount of the benefits to your soil. It helps regulate the temperature during the winter and summer. This also helps aid in assisting healthy plant roots. This can naturally decompose and during this process, enhances the soil texture surrounding your home & property.
  2. Walkways can be built up using the woodchips creating a nice, clean & helps keep mud and sand down. This can also be beneficial have between your plant beds as well.
  3. Compost piles using the woodchips assist with adding carbon to your pile, which creates a rich compost. The wood chips help assist with adding nutrients.
  4. Soil Erosion is never an enjoyment to your outdoor chores. Utilizing wood chips and building up a thick layer, you can prevent from soil erosion that is happening at your property.
  5. Preventative to invasive plants. If your home or property border woods or heavily natural areas, you’re more likely to get invasive plants. With utilizing the wood chips, this can create an attractive look to your yard and/ or property, it can keep invasive plans from invading your yard.


Working with your tree service, they can help assist with providing the wood chips from their woodchipper to help you achieve your end goals.  Utilizing them to enhance your property, prevent from invasive plant species and nurture your soil in the process.


Dunscombe & Sons Tree Service offers wood chipping services for any of your tree removal needs. Their well trained & experienced staff can assist and provide the best recommendations to help you.


Contact us today or call (231) 620-0764 to schedule an appointment to assess your Tree Service needs.

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