Land Manipulation? What Questions Should You Ask?

Are you looking for a change to your property while trying to enhance your property value at the same time? Land Manipulation is the route to go.  But where do you start & what should you look for?


Is it as simple as going to the rental yard, renting out large equipment while paying a large fee while not getting the intended outcome? No, you want to investigate a reputable company that offers a variety of services and is not afraid to get dirty as well. Here are some tips to help you search for the right company.


Questions to ask when looking to take the next step on land manipulation:


    1. Do they offer only Land Manipulation? If the answer is yes, you will want to steer clear of them. They are not knowledgeable about tree safety and properly removing trees.
    2. Do they offer tree removal & stump grinding? This is a great start as they can assist with safely removing trees while removing the stumps.
    3. Do they understand tree safety? This is where it is very important when it comes to safety in the long run. Having a company that is well versed with tree safety can provide you self-assurance that safety is a priority to the company.
    4. Do they provide education and guidance with moving land and helping enhance the property? This is a great bonus. Having a company that offers guidance and education is a benefit to you as a property owner to understand building land value.
    5. Are they aware of the current market conditions of the property value? Having this acknowledged, the company can assist with items that help build value to your property.
    6. Does the company offer clean-up? We have seen it time and time again, you hire a company to remove trees or move land, and you as the property owner are left with the mess. Having those additional clean-up services shows the company cares for its customers.

These are just basic samples of questions you want to ask. Always think outside the box when having your land manipulated. Looking for a company that understands your end goal, while offering the education and assessment is a great company you are looking for.


Contact Dunscombe & Sons Tree Services out of Buckley, MI. They offer Tree Removal, Stump Grinding, Spring & Fall Cleanups, and Land Manipulation.


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