The No. 1 Question Everyone in the Tree Service Industry Should Know How to Answer!

Are you wondering what a Buckley, MI Tree Service is asked? As a portion of us know and are aware of, we get asked a lot of questions, in the Tree Service Industry.  Why do we do it? Where do we start? Why is it necessary? It comes down to several factors ranging from the one who is asking to us a business, answer them property & effectively.


The Tree Service Industry is not for the faint hearted. It requires a lot of work involving physical & mental.  Dedication to the business is key as well & ensuring our staff is busy to provide to their families.


If we can take all the questions that we are asked the one that comes to mind, “Why do you enjoy owning & running a tree service business?”.


We do it because we can attribute our skills to property owners by offering them the resource to complete the task. Including putting our customers safety a priority. With our range of services, we are not just limited to Tree Services but a large range of services to fit your needs on your property. Located in Buckley, MI our Tree Service can benefit you.


It may not be a typical answer of to why, however we dedicate our skills & expertise for our company, Dunscombe & Sons Tree Service. Getting the customer to refer our business to others & for them to use our services in the future is a key component many businesses overlook.


Our services offered at Dunscombe & Sons Tree Service don’t just stop at Tree Removal but offer a large range of services:


      • Tree Removal & Clearing
      • Stump Grinding
      • Fall & Spring Clean Ups
      • Tree Trimming
      • Lot Clearing & Land Manipulation
      • 24 Hour Emergency Services
      • & Much More


Giving us a call or complete our contact us form, we will be in touch as quickly as possible to address any questions you may have or services you need. We are a Buckley, MI Tree Service located in Wexford County and surrounding areas.

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