What happens to Tree Roots when a Tree Is Cut Down? Did you know?

Are you planning to have your trees cut down on your property or surrounding your home? Have you already cut down trees and left the base of it exposed? If you answer yes to any one of the questions above, what happens to the roots of the tree? Is Tree Root Removal Necessary?


Do the roots just die?


Does the tree keep growing?


Why are there sprouts appearing?

These are common questions that are brought up when we assess properties for Tree Removal and Stump Grinding and we have the answers!


What does happen when you cut down a tree and leave the trunk exposed? First without leaves, the cut tree is unable to produce food or growth to the roots. The roots may have enough nutrients left within them to help allow the growth of sprouts from the stump. Tree Root Removal will prevent that from happening.


Tree roots can grow for up to 7 years after a tree has been cut down! 7 years! The stump is working overtime to keep producing root sprouts to help keep the tree growing.


Yes, a tree can grow back from a stump and become a full tree again! There isn’t no stopping that tree either! Very interesting stuff for sure to see how trees can be so powerful on regenerating to become new again after having been cut.


If you are looking to not have them regrow, the best would be to have the stumps grinded fully to prevent from regrowth of the tree. Having Tree Root Removal done correctly can help as well. This can also prevent any damage to your foundation for any future growth if that was the goal to prevent from damage by removing the initial tree.


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