Fall Clean-Ups! Are they worth it?

Living in Michigan and going through the 4 seasons, we expect to encounter the words “Fall Clean-Ups”. It is something we just have adapted to year in and year out.


When your home is on a heavily wooded property, you are going to experience a heavy impact of leaves coming down. Raking, blowing, shoveling and all that good maintenance that many don’t want to do. I mean, come on, it is just a sign that winter is getting closer. There is no need to look any further for a Fall Clean-up Service. We are here to help!


Dunscombe & Sons Tree Service offers Fall & Spring Clean-Ups just for you! Our crew is trained and dedicated to help get this daunting chore out of the way.


Why is it worth it?


When winter nears us, critters love warm places. Spiders, Bugs, Mice, etc. Keeping leaves away from your home during the fall months and clearing them out, will help prevent them coming to snuggle in your home.


Having your home and surrounding property assessed can help eliminate any potential damage that can be caused by overhanding branches, dead trees, or other preventative measures. Keeping your home safe, prepped, and ready prior to winter with taking advantage of a fall clean-up service which you can benefit from the hassle during the winter months.


Dunscombe & Sons Tree Service offers spring clean-ups as well as assessing your property for any necessary tree removals if needed. Contact us today and we can provide a free estimate of your property.

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